28 September 2014

Happy 3rd Month-vasary!!! Mr Wilson!!!

This is going to be a very touching post i guess(or not)! Take some tissues please! (Side track a lil: By the way i look so horrible in the picture UGHHH ). This post is dedicated to my sweetest are so so honoured to be in my personal post okay!! heh!!! With this post,I would really want to show my appreciation to you. Hmm…i shall just list down what i really appreciate about you luh okay:)

1. Cant help but really love it that you send me home everyday no matter what.(I know i have being repeating it because i really know it is not easy to do it everyday..seriously)

2. Trying to change your temper..I can see even tho i never say much

3.Trying to surprise me when I least expected it.( Small gestures but really mean a lot)

4. Thanks for making everything better(and being a better bf) every time after we quarrel (Big or small quarrel)-not like we are quarrelling a lot luh:)

5.Oh! Every time you call me sweet stuff, it is not that i do not know how to appreciate it (in fact I really like it a lot), it is just that i really don’t know how to react to it. Everytime. Seriously. But I really LOVE it!

6. Buying snacks for me when I am hungry! Now you know, “A hungry woman is an angry woman”.(Its quite inevitable when i am hungry, OOPS!)

Shall end here, 6 is a funny number. Well, i need to rush it before the day ends. Maybe I will do it every month to show my unspoken appreciation towards your sweet gestures.

Before I end, Happy 3rd month once again!

Cant wait for our next months :)



“Learn to trust the journey, even when you do not understand it.” (via sunflower-mama)

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The fact that he got his actual mom to do this is funny as hell.

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